Why Bamboo Viscose? 

Beyond the fact that bamboo viscose  is ultra-soft,  this  top-tier fabric is also eco-friendly and sweat absorbent! Moms need the peace of mind that when their little ones are asleep, they are not drenched in sweat from being hot. As a breathable fabric, bamboo is known to act as a thermal regulator! Simply put, the properties in bamboo viscose garments help you to stay cool when it’s scorching and stay warm when it’s freezing!

This exclusive fabric blend is gentle on little ones’ skin; especially those that have extra sensitive skin or may have eczema.

All in All, Meena Jammies gives moms peace of mind! Created by a mom to help little ones go to bed all comfy and confident! What a double-whammy! You will never go wrong when you purchase Meena Jammies!

The I Am PowHERful Collection – Bright, Living Coral colored Meena Jammies will have your baby girl sure of herself as a toddler! Conveniently reciting the affirmations with her before bed and when she wakes up is sure to empower her to  feel stronger, more bold, and of course, PowHERful! The I Am PowHERful Collection is designed exclusively with words of affirmations imprinted in 3 styles!




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