Your new favorite, black-owned, bamboo pajama brand! A family-operated company!

Welcome to The MEENA Brand where we are Making Everyday Extraordinary Necessary & Awesome!  We are so excited that you stopped by! We are a brand that offers products to empower tiny humans to affirm their greatness!  We want families to understand the importance of speaking life into their children!

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” -Oprah Winfrey

About Us

MEENA - Making Everyday Extraordinary Necessary & Awesome!

Who is MEENA? 

Meena was nickname given to Ashlyn at around 2 weeks old! After being hangry and demanding one evening, instead of her mother, Altrichia, calling her mean, she gave her the name Meena, instead!

Why Meena?

Well, words have power! Her mother is a firm believer in speaking life to any situation and more importantly, speaking positivity into the lives of her children!  

The MEENA Brand is on a mission to empower little ones to affirm their greatness! Our vision is to shift paradigms;  encouraging moms and dads to speak life and positivity to their children! Speaking life, while encouraging babies and youth to be confident and brave, helps them realize who they are, early on! We believe that once an individual knows who they are, they will not only become unstoppable, but it leaves no room for them to seek validation from the influence of others! 

Did You Know?

The foundation of self-esteem is created as babies grow up! According to a study conducted by researchers at Washington University in 2015, results proved that by age 5, children already have a sense of self-esteem. As parents, we must cultivate this in a positive way! The MEENA Brand seeks to foster a lifestyle for families to empower their babies and children to believe that they will change the world!