Affirmation Nation Footie


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Your little one will go to bed and wake up in confidence!  Designed with exclusive imprints of positive words of affirmations, our convenient one-zip footie will help you get baby girls to bed with ease! Our jammies are crafted from a blend of bamboo viscose fabrics for ultra-softness and maximum comfy!



  • Two-way neck-to-ankle zipper with a protected tab
  • Color: Living Coral
  • Dual-function with ankle fit or fold-over feet footie
  • Dual-function with wrist fit or hand mittens
  • Snug-N-Stretchy fit for safety

for the child’s safety, jammies shout fit snugly. Loose-fitting garments are more likely to catch fire

Care Instructions

  • Gentle wash cold
  • Best if washed inside out
  • Tumble dry low

0M-3M, 3M-6M, 6M-9M, 9M-12, 12M-18M, 18M-24M


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